Friday, November 18, 2011

Studio is Smokin'

This is a picture of recent pots ready and waiting for me to paint them.

I have been getting lots of orders lately for dinnerware. This is fun and challenging for me.

In the past I had collaborated with a couple potters and we designed a plates, had a mold, and used a ram press to make them out of each of our clay bodies. The mold cracked and is too expensive to redo, and the potter who was responsible for the pressing got tired of the task. Now I am hand throwing the plates and am having a good time. I started, years ago at 4 1/2 lbs for each dinner plate. Because of practice and learning new techniques I am now using only 3 1/2 lbs and the plates are more consistent. Above is a picture of a recent place setting in the tulip pattern.

Other than dinnerware I have been throwing bowls, pie plates, baking dishes, etc. Making mugs, vases and pitchers. My daughter has been working with me when she is not at school. She is making a nice line of work. We both will be selling at our annual Holiday Pottery Shop in Hallowell, ME which opens around December 8th.

I love making work that is beautiful and that can be used and loved daily. I am thankful my work is well received and I can continue to make pottery and pass this talent onto my daughter. My dream is to someday have a community pottery studio in a nice little town, where people can come try, make learn and maybe even become a potter. Right now I am starting with my daughter, Denae, who has embraced the art of working with clay. For this I am happy.

As the holidays approach, there seems to be limited time. Its funny because the days are not any shorter, they just feel that way. Many demands and deadlines. Sometimes I wonder why as a society we put so much pressure on ourselves. I mean, there really isn't any difference between the days, just the value we put on them. I know I depend on holiday sales to make it through the long winter where the orders and demands for my work are slow to none, but at the same time I wish I could take that pressure away for not only myself and family, but for all of us. I have this fantasy the spirit of giving is showered on birthdays spreading the gift giving year round. I would rather have this kind of steady flow than a feast or famine lifestyle.

Take the time to enjoy yourself and your loved ones. When you purchase think local. Support your local businesses, whether it be the local hardware store or local artist. This keeps your community strong.

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