Thursday, January 20, 2011

Earth, Air, Water, Fire

These are the ingredients of pots and human beings alike,
And each formula contains also the element of chance
Do not seek perfection in pots or people
For your search will go unrewarded, and you will miss knowing many good pots and many good people!!!! Author unknown

I found this poem while searching through my computer files for something else. A nice way to start my day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


It may be January, below freezing temps, but I have been combing through the show applications, deciding which to apply for, looking for new places. I can get overwhelming having to plan one's year in January. Man all I want to do in July and August is float. I certainly hope we have a nice hot summer again this year. Well maybe not quite as hot, hardly enjoyed the kayak...but did float and float and float.

Outside of show applications I have been making my pottery. Fired the kiln today and will unload tomorrow afternoon. Then the painting begins.
I'll be painting and glazing all week. Hope to have all done and glaze fire Saturday or Sunday.
Going to put the music up loud, dance and paint and dance and paint. Eat some lunch and dance and paint again......