Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 29, 2010

2010 is just about over. A few more days and a new year begins. I am do looking forward to another hot summer. Especially since I received this wonderful floating cooler as a gift this holiday season. Imagine, my float docked at the floating station, cooler in tow bobbing along with me. Frosty beverages and lunch inside. Oh, the dreaming will soon be here......if time goes by as quickly as it has been. Hey, should go quicker as they say, whoever they are, that the older one gets the faster time goes. Bring it on summer!!!

This has been quite a year. In a month's time, Jan 29, 2011 I will have been 1 year out from my brain surgery. I was scratching my head, in the area where I was opened up and it still a bit numb. My hair has grown long enough in that area to put in a pony tail again. The only evidence of my medical adventure is the hearing loss and numbness. Otherwise one could not even tell. My facial expressions are even and one would not know from looking at me.

I hope to get a big chunk of the medial bills paid this coming year. Have to keep the potter's wheel spinning and the orders coming in. I also hope to take a long deserved vacation this year. A drive to Florida may be in order. We'll see.

So, look for a blow out sale sometime in Jan or Feb. Maybe March, depending when I can get it together. I am looking at doing it over a friends. A more central location.

Well, off to the ole spinning and throwing and making of pottery.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


The dishes are done. The tree is still up but will most likely take the ornaments off tomorrow while the "big storm" is raging here in Litchfield.
Suppose to get up to 14" or so. Will be nice to hang out, drink tea, and not get dressed.
Had a wonderful time with family and one more holiday party with parents, brothers, sister's nieces and nephew's this weekend.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Once again we are in downtown Hallowell, Maine with our Holiday Pottery Shop
136 Water St. Hallowell
For More information call 207 582-7985

There are about 10 potters showing, a couple of photographers, a weaver and 2 jewelers!!!

We are open every day from 10-6 and Dec 24 from 10-2.
We are discussing on opening up after Christmas, and will hopefully know soon!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

American Craft Week

October has begun. I have had one show, a Designing Women show in Kennebunkport. Wonderful artists there and the show was successful. I sold some dinnerware, something I normally don't bring or sell at an art fair. This was a nice surprise. I believe I will bring more to the next show.

It is American Craft Week this week. My studio is open to the public. I would love to have some visitors out here. One may happen upon me throwing on the potter's wheel, glazing, or loading the kiln. I have work in all the stages of pottery making and finished pieces looking for a new home.

Monkitree Gallery in Gardiner, who carries my work has a fabulous showing of Maine Woodworkers. There are some amazing pieces of work being shown there. This gallery is a gem for Central Maine.

Center for Maine Crafts in West Gardiner, located within the travel plaza will be celebrating throughout the week. I also have work here amongst the most talented craftsman and women in Maine. There will be a reception Friday Oct 9th. Several artisans will be there for a meet and greet too. Come on in, especially if you haven't been in at all, and see the works of your neighbors. Maine has some extremely talented people.

Support your local artisans. Another way to "Keep Maine Strong"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Shows

This summer the shows were abundant and some were horrible, but most were great. At the Winthrop Art Show I received a second place in mixed media for this piece. My fabulous husband Jeff and I collaborated here and woo hoo!!!! We even received a check.

After this show we participated in the Designing Woman show in Manchester at Longfellow's Greenhouses. What a beautiful day this onward and into the late summer.

Tomorrow is the last day of summer and hopefully the weather forcasts are correct and it will be in the 80s. One more day of floating. This would be awesome!!!! A Great way to end the summer season I would say.

This weekend is the 13th annual BUMUPPFSF at Unity Pond Potter. 5 minutes from the common ground fair, so stop by on way to or from the fair. Its free family fun.
For more information go to

Hope to see you there

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Glazed and Ready for the Shows

Last week I posted a picture of the work as it waited for me to decorate. Here is the first of two firings with the finished wares on the shelves ready for the upcoming shows.
Can you find the penguins again?

First show
Winthrop Art Show
Saturday August 21
Winthrop Maine.
This is a beautiful show with around 50 artists and artisans. The weather predicted is suppose to be really nice. Not humid at all, in the 70s. A perfect day to browse seeing some of Maine's most talented artists

The next show is in Manchester, Maine.
This is a Designing Women Show. Designing Women is a fabulous organization of Maine and New Hampshire artisans.
The show will be set in the gardens of Longfellows Greenhouses on Puddledock Road in Manchester Maine. August 28.
Donation of $2 at the entrance to benefit Sexual Assault and Crisis Center located in Winthrop, Maine.

Hope to see you at one or both of the shows!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Working for the Next Day...

Unloaded the kiln on Monday evening. This is a bisque firing where I fire the work I made to 1800 degrees. I now am in the process of painting and glazing each piece. I paint with glazes on the outside of each piece making the beautiful floral patterns or the new rainbow trout I have been doing. I will be working at this all week and hopefully ready to do the glaze firing on Friday or Saturday. Here the work is fired to 2200 degrees. This firing takes about 8 to 10 hours depending on the weather. If windy, usually takes a bit longer.
I am getting ready for the upcoming art shows I will be participating in this month.
The first show is The Winthop Art Show Saturday August 21. I believe it is the 21st year for this show. A nice show with some wonderful artists.

The second show this month is at Longfellow's Greenhouses in Manchester. This is a Designing Women Show. I will be there Saturday August 28th. Here the works of some of Maine and New Hampshire's finest women artisans will be showing and selling their work. We will be setting in the beautiful gardens at Longfellows, which makes a great background for the artwork.
Designing Women also partners with a non-profit group that helps the community. Once again this year the group will be Sexual Assault and Crisis Center who's office is in Winthrop. There is a suggested $2 donation at the entrance. Luncheon can also be purchased making this a fun destination for a lovely late summer outing. This added extra plus is that if it rains that day we will be setting up in the greenhouse.

So, hi ho hi ho.....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wonderful Summer

This summer has been fantastic. The weather has been just right for a perfect summer. Lots of hot and humid days, with rain at night for the most part. Then just plain wonderful temps with low humidity as well. Haven't gotten much walking in, but floating has been frequent and thus more inspiration for new work. That is the only saving grace for winter. I know lots love the winter. I am not one. I realize it can be beautiful but when compared to the picture included here....I choose the season where the least amount of clothes are worn.

Monday, August 2, 2010


These are some drawings a friend did in 1983 or 84 of me. I haven't seen or heard from her in over 15 years. Its been fun to find these and post them. Her name was Diane Cote. As you can see I haven't changed much now have I.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Floating Bowls

These bowls look like they are floating I am gallery sitting right now, it is very warm out and since I am not floating, as I should be, I thought maybe my pottery could.

I am attempting to discover what exactly one does on a computer for hours. I use the thing to email, check my website, add pictures of new work to blog and/or Facebook, but other than that I am clueless. Of course I know I can look up a billion things, and then when I get online, I draw a blank. I suppose surfing is not my thing. I find the computer a useful tool, but other than that, would rather be floating or making pottery....or drinking beer!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rainbow Trout and Floating

I have been asked in the last few days what it means when I speak about floating.
I live on a stream. One that is wide and deep enough in spots. for boating, fishing, swimming, and yes floating.
We have a small dock that jets out into the stream enough that I can take an inexpensive blow up raft to the end and jump right in.
Spending time just drifting on top of the water, bobbing and weaving, floating the minutes away.
Although I do not have rainbow trout in the stream that I am aware of, I have been inspired to paint them.
I love to float.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Its not the coffee, its the cup!!!!!"

"I'm not surprised to read about "the mug situation." I have searched and searched through Maine websites looking for unusual, finely crafteed mugs and have never seen anything that comes close to yours in style, charm, and execution. In fact, all of your pottery is so refined, not heavy and overdone. It is all just beautiful."

I just received an email from Northern Tides Gallery in Lincoln Maine regarding an order I am working on for them. What a great way to start my day. As one struggles being an artist and making a living doing so, these encouraging messages are so helpful and blessed.

As I have been known to say for many many years. I think it is about 20 now...."Its not the coffee, its the cup!!!!"

Monday, June 28, 2010


Bowls are my favorite piece to throw on the wheel. What else can I say

Saturday, June 5, 2010


My daughter took some pictures of me throwing my pottery. I am so thankful I am back playing in the mud, creating vessels and bowls. My recovery from brain surgery has been long and I look forward to a wonderful summer. I have been fortunate to have experienced this most beautiful spring this year. The blessing of having to slow down. Had I not had the surgery, I would have plugged along, gotten extra busy, put much on my plate and only glanced at the beauty all around.
I have been able to keep up with my orders so far and have been doing some small shows. Yesterday I was invited to show at the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. I was so thrilled to be invited. This show is June 18-20, 9-5 at the Botanical Gardens. If you have never been there it is a wonderful place to go. I was just in awe the first time I ventured down there Memorial Day Weekend. I was so taken I joined. Thinking that Boothbay a long drive, I was pleased to have gotten there in an hour.
Here's to life and making pottery!!!
There is a schedule of my upcoming shows on my website.
My studio is open to the public by appointment. This is mostly because of doing shows.
Best time is in the mornings through 2pm.
(207) 582-7985

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SSL Certificate

Back on track with the Shopping Cart and all Secure. Again sorry for the hassle. I am so green but rapidly changing colors in cyber world.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Patience...oh how we need patience

I am so green when in comes to computer stuff....Guess this is why I am a potter!!! Of this I am good at. Anyway, my SSL certificate, which is the thing that makes a shopping cart secure over the internet is in flux....Please be patient and call me if you would like to order. I will credit the call towards your order.

I am so sorry for the hassle!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mug Season

Every year Central Maine Clay Artists, a group of potters and clay artist donate our beautiful and diverse handmade mugs to coffee shops in the surrounding area. The mugs are sold, with the coffee include for $15 each. We use this money to help support area art programs whether they be in the schools or community. This year is the fifth year of our Mug Season. The coffee shops participating this year are
A-1 to Go in Gardiner, Issamacs in Farmingdale, Slates in Hallowell, Bagel Mainea and Bay Wrap in Augusta and Ye Old Post Office Cafe in Mt. Vernon.
"Its not the coffee, its the cup"

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is Here!!!!!

Today is the last day of March. We are suppose to have unseasonable warm weather starting tomorrow. YEAH. I have been making and decorating pottery. I have recovered well and am looking so forward to a working again.

I will be working in the studio on a regular basis, mostly in the mornings as this is the best time of day for me. I have one firing under my belt since my medical adventure. I was worried about throwing as the spinning of the wheel could have had my "head spinning", but this did not seem to be a problem. I am so thankful to be back at work. Production pottery is a task where one has to love making the same form over and over. This I do, and am so happy to be working and creating something I love to do.

I am mostly selling to galleries and shops at this time of year. I will be doing shows this summer and will have my show schedule on my web site in the near future.

Otherwise my studio is open. Call if you would like to come over.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Potters helping Potters

A great friend of mine, Tracy Bradford of T.B. Pots, just came up and took 5 boxes of my clay, a few examples and is going to make work for me to decorate as I have gotten some winter surprise re-orders!!! We met 20+ years ago in Georgetown at a yard sale that was selling low fire clay stilts!!!! Now how cool is that. Check out her work

When one passes information on in a positive way, even in response to something negative, then one's Karma arrow moves up by one, and one's bad karma arrow looses two!!!!
Special Sale on Beer Mugs starting today March 6th. Mug will vary in glaze, but mostly of a blue or blue/green. They range from 18-20 ounces and are great if put in freezer for that especially cold beer.

Five Reasons for a Beer Mug
1. Can Call your own.
2.Put mug in freezer for that extra cold beer
3.Sexier than drinking from bottle or can
4.Allows beer to "breathe"
5."Its not the beer, its the mug!!!!"

Mugs are $20 each (usually $36-40) with $5 shipping, unless you are local and wish to pick up at studio here in Litchfield Maine (207) 582-7985

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Please contact me at

email from web site still giving me problems!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb. 2110

It is just about mid Feb. I have been very busy in a strange kind of way. Brain Surgery for one thing. This has really made me come to grips. Life is so very special and now I realize what it means to "Enjoy every sandwich." Looking forward to the upcoming year. I am currently been appointed as Regional Coordinator for The Kennebec County Area for Maine Crafts Association. I hope to have a get together/get to know soon. I have some post operatation check ups in mid March. Soon come after that.
Life is Good, Bless us All!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday Pottery Shoppe a huge success...

Happy New Year to all.