Saturday, December 8, 2012

Full Circle.  
This is the work Jeff and I are going to be firing tomorrow.  The last firing of the year.....

Shit I forgot what I was going to write.  It was so good too.....

I haven't been writing in my blog for many many days.  Just about a year.  It was just about a year my father past.  Funny I should be putting urns for a local funeral home in the last kiln load of the year firing tomorrow.  

Now I am am sitting in a dark room with the help of piano music soothing my mother to sleep.   
Thanks to back lighting I figured out how to get back into my blog, then actually write something and post it.  

I hope to pay attention to writing.  I am experiencing a wonderful thing having mom live in my home.   Thanks to my dear friend Faith, who helped me
open some windows.

Jeff will push this load into the kiln tomorrow morning around 7am and the fire will cure the pieces.  This will take about 12 hours.  I hope I remember to take a picture when we open the kiln and show the glazes matured.

Enjoy your families this next few weeks