Monday, October 4, 2010

American Craft Week

October has begun. I have had one show, a Designing Women show in Kennebunkport. Wonderful artists there and the show was successful. I sold some dinnerware, something I normally don't bring or sell at an art fair. This was a nice surprise. I believe I will bring more to the next show.

It is American Craft Week this week. My studio is open to the public. I would love to have some visitors out here. One may happen upon me throwing on the potter's wheel, glazing, or loading the kiln. I have work in all the stages of pottery making and finished pieces looking for a new home.

Monkitree Gallery in Gardiner, who carries my work has a fabulous showing of Maine Woodworkers. There are some amazing pieces of work being shown there. This gallery is a gem for Central Maine.

Center for Maine Crafts in West Gardiner, located within the travel plaza will be celebrating throughout the week. I also have work here amongst the most talented craftsman and women in Maine. There will be a reception Friday Oct 9th. Several artisans will be there for a meet and greet too. Come on in, especially if you haven't been in at all, and see the works of your neighbors. Maine has some extremely talented people.

Support your local artisans. Another way to "Keep Maine Strong"