Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cancer Survior Show

The pieces I made called "8 Years Out", three stoneware bowls for the Cancer Survivior's Show sponsor's

The Demesy Center and LA Arts.

are being shown at the LA Arts Community Gallery

221 Lisbon St. Lewiston, Maine

Join us on Saturday, October 3, from 12 - 3 pm at L/A Arts Community Gallery ( 221 Lisbon Street , Lewiston - between Chestnut and Pine Streets) for a Community Reception of Cancer Surviv-Art.

Below is the poem for each bowl.


I fell over a rock

It was summer, Oh my

X-Rays….Another X-Ray

Go see your doc!!!

Spot on right lung

Test, Tests

Oh my 9/11

My situation-Selfish?

More tests

Non-small cell carcinoma


Be Thankful-2001-October-Be Thankful

Winter Coming

Cracks Healing

Successful Operation

Although Winter, recovery brings more color to my world


The trees are, the world is


Wait for Spring

Check up…Lungs Clear


Someone helping me make pots

I decorate them


X-Ray…Lungs Clear

Spring here, Color Coming

Rest and slowly awake

Cracks Healed

8 years out

“Blessed are the cracked,

for they let in the light.”

Link to show information