Thursday, October 20, 2011

Afternoon Naps

I think naps in the afternoon are just fabulous, especially on rainy days. I have spent the morning working on pots I made yesterday, loading the kiln for a bisque firing, and a bit of glazing. I came in to do some computer work and correspondence with customers who are interested in dinnerware. As I was going through pictures I found this one of Billy and I taking in some ZZZZs. I believe after I write and publish this I will go take a nap with or without Billy.

Tomorrow I will be going out to dinner with my daughter Denae, my husband Jeff, and our friend Ryan. Ryan is Denae's close friend. They have been buddies since 6th grade. He has gone to Jamaica with us several times and we kind of consider him "our son". Because in the summer of 2001 he made a very bad hair decision, I tripped over a rock at the Winthrop Beach resulting in an emergency room visit and having a chest xray. This is how my cancer was discovered in my lungs. So the four of us are going to celebrate Ryan's Bad Hair Day!!!! Because of his decision to dye his hair that god awful color I am 10 years cancer free!!!! YAY

Anyway I think it is time for a nap.

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