Saturday, July 2, 2011


Just looked over my blog and noticed I have not written since Feb. Wow, I must have been pottin' away. I guess I have.
We had a nice visit to Florida and once home began making pottery and haven't stopped. Orders have been decent and now my daughter is working with us. She just finished up a summer class so will be here full time for the summer. It's fun having her around and watching her develop her skills as a potter.

Other than making pots I have been a waiting the warm weather for floating in the stream. I believe this weekend will be warm enough and the water warm enough for me to launch the floating station. I got a floating cooler for Christmas and it needs its maiden voyage. Have to have a convention soon.

Well, enough said I must go out to the studio as I am firing the kiln today, having a seconds sale, and supervising some students here.


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