Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowy Day and Chowda....

What does one do on a snowy day trapped at home? Being a potter who father always said, "you turn money into dirt....where upon I proceed to turn dirt into money....but make chowda bowls.
Maine is a great place for chowda and what a better thing to make on a day like this (so far we have about 12" of snow) than to anticipate hot piping chowda in one of my lovely chowda bowls. I made 42 of them today and tomorrow they will be ready for handles.

After messing around in the studio I came in the house and made chocolate chip cookies. The cookies are on a plate I made in the late 70s. That's 1970s....can't believe I have been making pottery for over 30 years!!!! And I am so young!!!! LOL
The plate the cookies are on is made from chocolate stoneware, how fitting. The glaze is Albany Slip, a natural glaze that used to be mined in Albany, NY. The mines have been closed and paved over and there hasn't been any real Albany Slip to purchase since the 80s. I found a bucket recently that I have and will soon be glazing some special addition pieces with this wonderful natural glaze this spring. I add a colorant to it to bring out the texture of the glaze. Will post a picture of the plate without the cookies once they are all eaten. With my sweet tooth of a husband it won't be long.

Enjoy the warmth of your home and I will show the finished chowda mugs in a couple weeks when they are ready for hot soups!!!!!

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