Saturday, December 8, 2012

Full Circle.  
This is the work Jeff and I are going to be firing tomorrow.  The last firing of the year.....

Shit I forgot what I was going to write.  It was so good too.....

I haven't been writing in my blog for many many days.  Just about a year.  It was just about a year my father past.  Funny I should be putting urns for a local funeral home in the last kiln load of the year firing tomorrow.  

Now I am am sitting in a dark room with the help of piano music soothing my mother to sleep.   
Thanks to back lighting I figured out how to get back into my blog, then actually write something and post it.  

I hope to pay attention to writing.  I am experiencing a wonderful thing having mom live in my home.   Thanks to my dear friend Faith, who helped me
open some windows.

Jeff will push this load into the kiln tomorrow morning around 7am and the fire will cure the pieces.  This will take about 12 hours.  I hope I remember to take a picture when we open the kiln and show the glazes matured.

Enjoy your families this next few weeks

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday, November 18, 2011

Studio is Smokin'

This is a picture of recent pots ready and waiting for me to paint them.

I have been getting lots of orders lately for dinnerware. This is fun and challenging for me.

In the past I had collaborated with a couple potters and we designed a plates, had a mold, and used a ram press to make them out of each of our clay bodies. The mold cracked and is too expensive to redo, and the potter who was responsible for the pressing got tired of the task. Now I am hand throwing the plates and am having a good time. I started, years ago at 4 1/2 lbs for each dinner plate. Because of practice and learning new techniques I am now using only 3 1/2 lbs and the plates are more consistent. Above is a picture of a recent place setting in the tulip pattern.

Other than dinnerware I have been throwing bowls, pie plates, baking dishes, etc. Making mugs, vases and pitchers. My daughter has been working with me when she is not at school. She is making a nice line of work. We both will be selling at our annual Holiday Pottery Shop in Hallowell, ME which opens around December 8th.

I love making work that is beautiful and that can be used and loved daily. I am thankful my work is well received and I can continue to make pottery and pass this talent onto my daughter. My dream is to someday have a community pottery studio in a nice little town, where people can come try, make learn and maybe even become a potter. Right now I am starting with my daughter, Denae, who has embraced the art of working with clay. For this I am happy.

As the holidays approach, there seems to be limited time. Its funny because the days are not any shorter, they just feel that way. Many demands and deadlines. Sometimes I wonder why as a society we put so much pressure on ourselves. I mean, there really isn't any difference between the days, just the value we put on them. I know I depend on holiday sales to make it through the long winter where the orders and demands for my work are slow to none, but at the same time I wish I could take that pressure away for not only myself and family, but for all of us. I have this fantasy the spirit of giving is showered on birthdays spreading the gift giving year round. I would rather have this kind of steady flow than a feast or famine lifestyle.

Take the time to enjoy yourself and your loved ones. When you purchase think local. Support your local businesses, whether it be the local hardware store or local artist. This keeps your community strong.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Afternoon Naps

I think naps in the afternoon are just fabulous, especially on rainy days. I have spent the morning working on pots I made yesterday, loading the kiln for a bisque firing, and a bit of glazing. I came in to do some computer work and correspondence with customers who are interested in dinnerware. As I was going through pictures I found this one of Billy and I taking in some ZZZZs. I believe after I write and publish this I will go take a nap with or without Billy.

Tomorrow I will be going out to dinner with my daughter Denae, my husband Jeff, and our friend Ryan. Ryan is Denae's close friend. They have been buddies since 6th grade. He has gone to Jamaica with us several times and we kind of consider him "our son". Because in the summer of 2001 he made a very bad hair decision, I tripped over a rock at the Winthrop Beach resulting in an emergency room visit and having a chest xray. This is how my cancer was discovered in my lungs. So the four of us are going to celebrate Ryan's Bad Hair Day!!!! Because of his decision to dye his hair that god awful color I am 10 years cancer free!!!! YAY

Anyway I think it is time for a nap.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today is lovely. The sun has come out after several days of rain and clouds. The show in Camden was a bust due to the rain. Made expenses back and almost caught a cold. I was able to ward it off thank goodness.
Have been back home making more pottery. Firing the kiln today and making granola. I am doing much needed housework.

As I sit here avoiding more housework I am reminded that October is a special month for me. Especially this year. Ten years ago in July I was told I had lung cancer. It was operable and I had my surgery in October of 2001. I have been clean and received the official "cured" stamp 5 years ago, but somehow this anniversary seems a bit more final and optimistic. Wow, ten years ago my life was different. On this day I was preparing for the surgery and the recovery ahead. I knew I was not going to be able to do much for the next few months. They were planning on taking out the upper right lobe of my right lung. I ended up having the upper and middle removed. I believe my actual surgery was Oct 17th... I could look it up, but don't think it is necessary.

I don't think I have much else to say. Just thankful I am still here.

I will say I received much help from family and friends. Thank you for that

I also received help from
A wonderful organization. I will be raising money again this year for CERF+
I believe I am going to auction off a bowl......details forthcoming. Just firing the kiln today, then the glazing....I will post a picture of the bowl once it is done. In the meantime visit the website for CERF+

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Just looked over my blog and noticed I have not written since Feb. Wow, I must have been pottin' away. I guess I have.
We had a nice visit to Florida and once home began making pottery and haven't stopped. Orders have been decent and now my daughter is working with us. She just finished up a summer class so will be here full time for the summer. It's fun having her around and watching her develop her skills as a potter.

Other than making pots I have been a waiting the warm weather for floating in the stream. I believe this weekend will be warm enough and the water warm enough for me to launch the floating station. I got a floating cooler for Christmas and it needs its maiden voyage. Have to have a convention soon.

Well, enough said I must go out to the studio as I am firing the kiln today, having a seconds sale, and supervising some students here.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowy Day and Chowda....

What does one do on a snowy day trapped at home? Being a potter who father always said, "you turn money into dirt....where upon I proceed to turn dirt into money....but make chowda bowls.
Maine is a great place for chowda and what a better thing to make on a day like this (so far we have about 12" of snow) than to anticipate hot piping chowda in one of my lovely chowda bowls. I made 42 of them today and tomorrow they will be ready for handles.

After messing around in the studio I came in the house and made chocolate chip cookies. The cookies are on a plate I made in the late 70s. That's 1970s....can't believe I have been making pottery for over 30 years!!!! And I am so young!!!! LOL
The plate the cookies are on is made from chocolate stoneware, how fitting. The glaze is Albany Slip, a natural glaze that used to be mined in Albany, NY. The mines have been closed and paved over and there hasn't been any real Albany Slip to purchase since the 80s. I found a bucket recently that I have and will soon be glazing some special addition pieces with this wonderful natural glaze this spring. I add a colorant to it to bring out the texture of the glaze. Will post a picture of the plate without the cookies once they are all eaten. With my sweet tooth of a husband it won't be long.

Enjoy the warmth of your home and I will show the finished chowda mugs in a couple weeks when they are ready for hot soups!!!!!